Courses must be selected according to the following pattern

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cheap Canada Goose Majors with Important Modifications to GE Pathway canada goose outlet us Minor in Sustainability StudiesYou are to complete 48 units selected from designated General Education categories and courses. If you are enrolled in or are considering one of our high unit majors, such as engineering, computer science, or liberal studies, carefully review the GE changes outlined in Reference:Majors with Important Modifications to.Note the following general guidelines:1. Courses must be selected according to the following pattern Canada Goose Coats On Sale of General Education:3 units each from Oral and Written Communication, Critical Thinking, and Quantitative Reasoning (Areas A1 A4) and3 units each from Physical and Life Sciences (Areas B1 and 2)6 units of American Institutions coursework and24 units from the remaining Disciplinary Areas;15 lower division units (3 units each from Arts and Humanities (Areas C1 and 2) Individual Society and Societal Institutions (Areas D1 and 2; NOTE: Select no more than one POLS course), and Learning for Life (Area E), and9 upper division units within a single Pathway from the three major disciplinary areas of the Natural Sciences (Area B), Arts and Humanities (Area C) and Social Sciences Canada Goose online (Area D).2. cheap Canada Goose

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