Stage set for short course swim off the southern coast of Norway

Stage set for short course swim off the southern coast of Norway

The final day starts at 6.30am

At first we are all waiting to see how he will do in the end. This will be one of his hardest races, the course is not particularly challenging. As we arrive at the finish spot he is already on the course. It will be a tough day ahead of him as the course runs from Lake Eykkeberg, to the lake bed – it is 2km long and steep, with many turns. We will try our best to avoid any bumps and he has made it into the water a number of times for a sprint to his win. It is another strong day for the Norwegian riders. For the finish we have some minor obstacles but luckily we have a short break in the race for the finish. It is always a bit difficult to do this on the final day of the race when all the team is behind you.

He is running on the last lap but has not been racing for the break since the start. He will be in the lead group but there is some bad weather that can mean a few times of some traffic going. The race is not too long so if he can get out of this situation without any serious incidents we can see him win the race.

We are hoping that today will turn out a bit better than yesterday and maybe he can still finish in the yellow jersey. The break has had an opportunity to drop him out of contention because we have managed to have a good gap in the top 10 at the end of the race but we must not let this opportunity slip away in우리카지노 this final stage. He is a great young rider so we must all try and take advantage of it.

We are going for our first victory of 2017 and I am going to celebrate with him as usual.

It is a beautiful day in the sea. Th우리카지노e sea has a lot of wind but the wind in front of us is mild, not enough of one too. The ocean is very cold and there is very little shade and the sea is calm and cool. We have a strong breeze as we leave the town of Norge.바카라 It is not a hot day yet so as long as we can see a blue sun we should be ok. We are about 50 kilometres from Lofoten when a gust of wind starts to blow as the sea gets much stronger. We notice a small plane about 5 metres above us. It is a red and green jet. This is just outside Lofoten and is a reall